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[PHILIPPINES] - Call for Essays on Successful Home Settlement After Returning From Foreign Services
Catherine Lee   11.07.19 4754

Call For Essays on Successful Home Settlement After 

                Returning From Foreign Services


Human Resources Development Service of Korea(HRD Korea) is calling for essays on successful settlement after returning from foreign services.


WHEN : June 15, 2011 ~ August 15, 2011



              - Returnees who finished working in Korea under EPS  or

                Industrial Training Programmes.

              - Returnees who have successfully opened his/her own

                 business (case of success in business).

              - Returnees who are employed by local branch of Korean

                 companies or other companies (case of success in



               --> H2 Visa holders are excluded. <--



                             - Successful establishment of his/her own business :

                                The topic will help current workers in Korea in

                                 designing their future when they return back to

                                 their own country.


                              - Successful Employment : This topic will help to

                                 prepare employment in Korean companies when

                                 they return back to their own country.


                              - Useful tips and know-hows : The topic will help

                                 foreign workers to adjust better in workplace and

                                 Korean cultures or stimulate better image when

                                 returning to own country.



                                     - 1 essay per person

                                     - A4 3-5 pages (font size : 14)

                                     - Submit photocopy of passport, a photo taken at

                                        the workplace, a photo taken while you are

                                        working at the workplace (all as computer files)

                                     - Using MS Word or Hangul Program



DEADLINE : - August 15, 2011 ( Essays submitted during the period

                            of 15 June 15 August will be evaluated).

                          - Submit to the EPS center of 14 sending countries

                            (excluding East Timor which has no returnee).



                 - 1st Prize :  1,000,000 won cah prize 2 persons

                 - 2nd Prize : 700,000 won cash prize 4 persons

                 - 3rd Prize :  300,000 won cash prize 14 persons

                 - Prize for Participation : 100,000 won cah prize (payment

                                                                      according to the results of judge's



                 -> Subject to change depending on the number of essays

                       submitted. <-

                 -> The first prize or second prize winner will have a chance

                       to lecture in returnee program. <-



                  - Screening : September 2011

                  - Announcement of Winner : Return job website and EPS

                                                                     Center in September 2011.

                  - Awarding ceremony will be held at EPS Center in October



RESTRICTIONS : - False and fraudulent stories will be disqualified

                                       including such cases as :

                                                                                - attaching other's work

                                                                                   place photo

                                                                                - overstating the size of

                                                                                   workplace, etc.

                                     - Borrowing other's experiences will be disquali-





Application Form of Essay Award for " Foreign Returnee " Worker's

Successful Home Settlement "


I. Essay Outline

     1. Country

     2. Your name

     3. ID number (submit photocopy of ID)

     4. Address & contact number

     5. Area of submission (successful business set-up, successful employment)


           A. Successful business set-up

                1.) Name of  your business

                2.) Address of workplace

                3.) Type of business

                4.)  Size of business (number of employee, amount of sales,

                       starting date of establishment)


            B. Successful employment

                 1.) Name of company

                 2.) Address of workplace

                 3.) Type of company

                 4.) Size of business (number of employee, amount of sales,

                        starting date of establishment)

                 5.) Position and role

                 6.) Classification (korean company, foreign company, 

                        local company)


     6. Entering date of Korea and period of working in Korea.

     7. Company name in Korea and working area.

     8. State your skills acquired in Korea and ideas applied on 

          settling own business.


     -> For 6 and 7, state if information is available. <-


II. Writing case : Write your case within 3-5 pages in 14 font 





                                        CENTER EACH COUNTRY -












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